Sweeten Your Savasana Yoga & Nutrition is all about bringing balance into your life through Nourishing your body, cultivating Power into your yoga practice, and practicing Mindfullness every moment, everyday. We all have some idea of what we should do to live a healthier lifestyle, but putting knowledge into practice can sometimes be a challenge. Sweeten Your Savasana makes it easy for you to transform your life, your health, and your body through provision of customized nutrition plans, private yoga instruction, and personal guided meditation sessions.

Every Body is unique. We all face different challenges and opportunities emotionally and physically. Sweeten Your Savasana takes into account your specific body type, age, health condition, hormonal and vitamin status, lifestyle and activity level, as well as your goals for personal transformation, and designs a plan specific to YOU! You will have the direct support you need throughout your journey.

Rest. Savasana is a place where we can let go and just be. Where we provide grace to ourselves, without judgement and without unreal and often unachievable expectations. It’s the place where we acknowledge and honor that our best self is already present. Sweeten Your Savasana helps you to peel away the layers and explore new possibilites and strategies that will put you in alignment with your highest intentions and support your journey to becoming your most authentic, balanced self, Now.

Joanna Goan, MS, RDN, RYT

I am a Master’s prepared Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 18 years of experience, and a 500-hour trained Registered Yoga Teacher. I embrace the significance of an overall healthy lifestyle that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit. I began my yoga journey to alleviate anxiety and find physical and emotional balance. I fell quickly in love with the inner peace, sense of well-being, restoration, and physical exertion that power yoga offers. My mission is to Sweeten Your Savasana by sharing the beautiful gift of balanced nutrition, personalized yoga, and meditation to help you deepen your journey into strength, mindfulness, endurance, flexibility, and complete personal transformation. My promise to you is that I will support you throughout your journey with the deepest level of compassion, encouragement, and accountability.

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Each year on January 1 st , it has become a ritual for me to cook the traditional “good luck and prosperity meal”. Every single New Year’s Day having to Google to remember what each food even means and to make sure I don’t miss anything essential for an outstanding year. Turns out that for the past three years, I have forgotten cornbread. Come to find out this golden carb represents real gold and financial success for the coming New Year. No wonder every single dollar I acquire slips through my hands and into the TJMaxx bank account!

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